The Janiyah



The house is a comfortable, two-story villa, intended for a plot with a side or front garden. The architecture of the house combines a modern form with a functional interior. The stylish, varied shape and the representative interior will emphasize the status and good taste of the owners. The dismembered two-storey silhouette of the house is covered with a hip roof, practically invisible from the eye level, giving the impression of a building with a flat roof, with – in fact – a sloping roof (a frequent requirement in the provisions of the building conditions). The facades have been divided into strips of windows intertwined with white beams separating the storeys, introducing rhythm and order. We enter the building through an elegant wide entrance door with sidelights under the roof of the balcony. The front of the house is decorated with a vertical two-story wall with a transom, large windows in the corners of the facade, and a comfortable shelter in front of a three- car garage.

The garden elevation in Willa Florida is the side elevation of the house with a large roofed terrace a place for evening feasts, and large corner glazing of the living room. The interior of the ground floor is primarily a huge single-space area of the combined rooms of the hall, living room, dining room and kitchen. It is almost 150 m2 of free, open living space. There are representative stairs to the first floor, a living room with a large void and an opening to the mezzanine above, with a delightful seating set and a TV wall. We have a dining room with a table for 14 or more people and a beautiful gas fireplace, we have a kitchen with an island, and in the middle there is a garden for representative plants and plenty of space to display unique paintings and other works of art. Everything is bathed in the light of wide two-story glazing. In the back, behind the kitchen, we have utility rooms such as a laundry room, a pantry, or a boiler room. At the entrance: cloakroom, toilet and passage to a three-car garage. The first floor of the house is a master bedroom with dressing rooms and a bathroom, and with an additional reserve room and two children’s bedrooms with their own second bathroom. A beautifully glazed home office or library hangs above the living room, and a mezzanine opening to the ground floor and the garden. All rooms on the first floor have their exits to the surrounding terraces. The master bedroom has a separate very large terrace overlooking the garden. Willa Florida is another proposal of a large luxury house for brave Investors who want to fulfill their dreams of a unique place to live, who want to enjoy the extraordinary – modern, at the same time low-key and tasteful architecture.


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