Putting a plan in action.

Hi-tech Build has made the process more cost-effective, efficient, and predictable.


You are to identify the location, Hi-Tech Build can place a structure on any flat lot, slope, hillside, or raised foundation.

Delivery & Installation

Hi-Tech Build logistical department perform the feasibility study within two weeks. We assess the land to make sure it’s viable for delivery or potential issues that may impede or delay the installation to include road configurations, power lines, trees, low bridges and overhangs, slopes, and elevation changes.

Hi-Tech Build Designs

Hi-Tech Build Home and Commercial Systems are ready on demand. We can also customize your structures in just a few days.


The timeline to fabricate Customized Home Structures varies but generally runs within 7 days. Commercial Structures can be fabricated within 30 days depending on the size.

Home Systems Delivery & Installation

Structures are built off-site and delivered to your job site, ready to install.

  1. Crane arrives
  2. The structure is delivered by truck
  3. Contractors begin installation
  4. Same Day Installation (tiny/small homes and smaller commercial buildings)

Preparing to Take Occupancy

  1. Utility connected
  2. Smart systems are installed
  3. Furnishing Delivered (Tiny Home System)
  4. A punch-out is performed
  5. Client walk-through is performed
  6. Ready for occupancy

Smaller projects afford Hi-Tech Build delivery from truck to installation. Hi-Tech Build, has an indoor, controlled, mobile construction facility to accommodate larger projects that require onsite installations.