Develops efficiency and quality assurance.
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Our well-planned Prefabrication Construction services help minimize construction time and on-site costs. The structures are initially made in a factory before assembling it at a construction site. Hi Tech system is designed to develop efficiency; quality assurance improves environmental performance and site safety. Structural Insulated Panels are built off-site and delivered to your job site, ready to construct.

Prefabricated Structures of all kinds must adhere to state and federal building codes and undergo regular inspections, just like any site-built home. This ensures that prefab homes are at least as safe as their site-built counterparts. Prefabricated structures often allow for wide open spaces and high ceilings. It is also much less expensive to transport a structure in panels.

Hi-Tech Build, has an indoor, controlled, mobile construction facility to accommodate larger projects that require onsite installations.

Luxury Home Systems are installed within 1 to 3 days, Larger Structures and Commercial building installations, such as hotels, will vary. All installations are performed in less than half the time of onsite construction

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